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Plants in Boxes

ESG – Environment, Social and Governance


Folium Capital believes that investments in forestry and agriculture should harness best practices in social and environmental sustainability and always be subject to strong corporate governance. Applying best ESG practices is consistent with our personal values and can enhance investment returns while creating meaningful value to stakeholders. Specifically, we look to:

  • enhance and promote environmental sustainability;

  • respect land, resources and human rights;

  • foster social sustainability with consistent safety standards;

  • exit assets in a better state than when we bought them with respect to environmental and social conditions and outcomes;

  • and to strive for steadfast governance, with close supervision of financial and operating activities.


We respect that many ESG issues are complex and nuanced. As a result, we leverage external standards, accredited certifications, internal metrics and independent consultants. These resources allow us to achieve credibility and accountability for ourselves and to our investors.

Furthermore, please follow this link to see Folium Capital as one of the recognized contributors to the new and improved IRIS+ metrics.

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